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Cesarean Birth
The Inside Story

Through heart-felt testimonials from parents who have been through C-section and dramatic footage from an actual Cesarean surgery, Cesarean Birth presents an informative look at the procedure and dispels the many myths and misunderstanding that surround it.
One of the first major decisions new parents must make in the life of their newborn son. A rare glimpse the three most widely-practiced circumcision surgeries that are performed in newborn nurseries today. For parents to know what their baby will experience.
In this extraordinary program, parents who have endured neonatal loss share their thoughts and insights—hoping that their personal stories will help other parents who are experiencing a similar tragedy.
Prenatal care is the best way to have a healthy baby. Explores what it's like to be a pregnant teenager. Teens share their own experiences and address the hard issues. Our first childbirth video, we now offer this video free to any pregnant teen. Use the free code HEALTHYBABY when ordering. (English & Spanish languages)
Through heartfelt testimonials from mothers who have experienced vaginal birth after cesarean (VBAC) and dramatic footage, expectant mothers will gain insight and confidence in their own abilities. Myths and misunderstandings that surround VBAC are examined and dispelled by women sharing their own stories.
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