Institutional Purchase Order Instructions:
For institutional purchase orders, we request that you email attach to us your institution's standard purchase order paperwork, which should include:
• Your contact information so that we can send your the activation code you will use on your video's Vimeo on-demand webpage.
• Your purchasing agent's contact name & phone number.
• Your "ship to" and "bill to" addresses.
• Your purchase order number.
• The product title(s), price, and quantities needed.
We will contact your purchasing agent only if additional information is needed. Please contact us at for further information. Our vendor information is:
David Garrigus Productions
314 Ashworth Manor Ct.
Wilmington, NC 28412
Phone: 910-233-5522
Email: Please use our Contact Page.
SALES TAX (Non-exempt North Carolina ONLY add 4.75%)
Please review our Standard Rights and Limitations of Broadcast Use before placing your purchase order.
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