Total class time including video approximately 20 minutes.
Grades 1-9

After the Video Discussion Questions:
• What are some other heavy uses of water in a typical home? Showers are the third largest water use after toilets and clothes washers.
• Let’s talk about “right things to do.” Name other ways any one of us could make a big difference (like recycling, car pooling, turning down the thermostat.) Which is the easiest? Which one would make the biggest difference?
• Unlike many other meaningful conservation changes you could make, do you need the corporation or assistance of others to take Great Showers?
• Has everyone used “one thousand one” or “one Mississippi” to count seconds as seen in the video? Let's see how accurate the counts really are. Volunteers to count to 15 seconds?
• Watch the one-minute review video that's also available to students on any device. Copy the link. Consider the Student Assignment opportunity for special credit or class acknowledgement.
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